Bad guys are searching for companies with weak cyber security defenses. They aim to exploit weaknesses found in your network, including your employees.

FNS1 THREATcheck is a FREE no-tools preliminary security check that offers the following benefits:

  • Discover how vulnerable you are BEFORE someone else does.
  • Verify that your business is relatively secure from casual inspection by bad guys.
  • A great way to start securing your business before adding additional security services.

Nearly all businesses have some form of vulnerability. Vulnerabilities may be related to email, firewalls, web sites, untrained personnel – the list goes on. We have found that the majority of business  are overwhelmed and unsure of where to start securing their business. START HERE!

Everyone that receives a THREATcheck report will also receive a coupon code for 10% off any of our Security Testing Services.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why does my business need THREATcheck?

THREATcheck can bring to light possible vulnerabilities that can be easily discovered by anyone with basic security skills. Most attackers will perform basic reconnaissance to look for easy targets. If there are easily found vulnerabilities, the hacker will presume that their target has little or no security on their infrastructure, and will move forward with more sophisticated penetration attempts.

Why are we offering this service?

We have found that most companies believe that they are more secure than they actually are. By exposing vulnerabilities that are relatively easy for a hacker to find, our clients may discover that they could truly benefit from a complete Penetration Test. Security for you = work for us, it’s a win-win!

Can we see a sample report?

Absolutely. Just request a sample report from our Sales Representative, who will reach out to you after you fill out and submit the form on this page.

Will you be hacking into my network/business?

THREATcheck is not a Penetration Test. There is no attempt to gain access to your data.

Will THREATcheck have any impact on our operations?

THREATcheck is completely passive and does not involve the use of software or scanners.

If no vulnerabilities are found, does that mean our business is secure?

A clean report may demonstrate that your business has little or no easily found vulnerabilities, but is no guarantee that your business is completely secure from an attacker with advanced skills and tools (Especially a motivated attacker with free time and patience.). We recommend a Penetration Test at least annually and any time new technology is deployed within your organization.

Will you help us fix vulnerabilities?

Our services are available hourly, project-based, or as ongoing Managed Services. Contact us any time for more information.

What are our next steps?

Your THREATcheck report will include recommendations of the appropriate next steps for your business.

How do I request a THREATcheck?

Just fill out the form and a Falcon Network Services representative will contact you for additional information.

How long after registering will it take to receive my report?

In most cases, registrations completed during regular work hours are completed within 2-3 hours.

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