Client Support

How to Request Technical Support

The best way to receive technical support is to open a trouble ticket. There are several ways to open a trouble ticket:

 Visit the Helpdesk Portal

You may log into the Helpdesk Portal by visiting or by clicking the Helpdesk link at the top of each page of our website. Be sure to bookmark the page in your browser.

For more information regarding usage of the Helpdesk Portal, refer to the Helpdesk Portal Reference Guide.

 Call the Helpdesk

You may reach the Helpdesk by calling:

  • Our Toll Free number (855) FNS1-555 or (855) 367-1555
  • Our Local Office number (248) 726-0577

Follow the prompts or just enter “1” to jump to the Help Desk.

 Email the Helpdesk

You may send an email to the Helpdesk, which will automatically open a ticket. Just send an email to


When requesting support, would you rather reach out to an individual and hope they are not busy, on vacation, or just unavailable? Or would you rather reach out to one contact, which can direct your request to the first available resource? (hint: It’s the second one.) Keep this in mind when you are requesting technical support. To get the best possible response, call the Helpdesk, send a support email, or open a ticket on the Helpdesk portal.

Other Information

After Hours/Emergency Support

You may reach our After Hours and Emergency Support line by calling our company number outside regular business hours; you will be prompted to press “9” to reach the first available technician. If you are not connected shortly, leave a message, which will automatically contact all support team leads.

Holiday Coverage

The following table shows which holidays our office is closed.