Proven Experience

25 Years of Service in Network Design, Integration, and Support

Our strength comes, to a great degree, from our breadth of systems engineering knowledge and experience with many network technologies and platforms, and from our unique ability to use that expertise to solve client business problems. Our expertise and flexibility gives us the ability to step in at any level of the organization. We can act as the complete IT organization reporting directly to the CEO/CFO – helping to write policies and procedures, and provide leadership capabilities; or we can be the support entity that reports to an IT Director, providing all services as directed. Today, our ideal client is a small to medium sized business that faces above-average security requirements and the scrutiny of industry regulation.

Our History

Established in 1995, Falcon Network Services began offering Network Integration and Technical Support services to businesses in the Metropolitan Detroit area. Even before Managed Services became popular, Falcon Network Services was already offering their own brand of Managed Services – at the time referred to as ‘Proactive Services’. Falcon Network Services officially named themselves a Managed Services Provider in 2009.

Our Philosophy

The reason we exist is to implement technology to further business practices. By fostering a corporate culture of support within our own company, we never forget that all aspects of information technology are support related.

Our Mission

Our mission is simply to support the various missions of our clients. By understanding our client’s goals – and aligning our goals accordingly – we realize success by observing the achievements of our clients.